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In recent years we've been able to lead a Discovery Channel type of life. We have been able to bring medicine to natives in some very unusual Third World places, like Bangladesh, Peruvian Amazon, Lhasa Tibet, Lombok Indonesia...

So far, on Webshots, I've had about 24,000 views of my pictures and was once the featured album. There have been about 2,500 people who have down-loaded the pictures.

Our first medical trip was with the American Voluntary Medical Team mission to Bangladesh, headed by Cindy McCain, John McCain is our Senator from Arizona.

Once we caught the bug we heard about two nurses from Arizona who had a clinic in Pevas, Peru on the Amazon River. We contacted them and went down there, going up river in canoes to take medicine to the native indians.

On the second trip to Pevas, we were ripped off by the customs agents of all of our medicine. The boat we were due to take down river was robbed by pirates who shot two tourists the week before we got there.

Some of our of our trips thereafter were for enjoyment, Borneo, New Guinea, Bali, Belitung (the island of Elsbeth's birth), Komodo to see the dragnons, Sumatra, Kenya, Tibet...

We were greatly saddened by the loss of Karl van Straaten, a world famous photographer and a very dear friend.

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I want to acknowledge Andy and Vince Granitelli for hosting us at the Indy 500 a couple years ago, staying in the "MotorSpeedway" and flying back in their Lear. Andy knows as many jokes as I do.

Your comments are welcome. I am humbled by the work of the professionals, but my images will let you share in our experiences and let you meet some of the many friends we have made along the way.

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Sister Shuporno in Mother Teresa's orphage in Dhaka was an inspiration to Cindy McCain, Elsbeth and me.

Another thrill was being able to help a Tibetan (Lobsang) get political asylum here in the States.

On my 60th birthday, Prayeri and Dean Harrison at Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Fountain Hills let me walk McCabe, the tiger they named in my honor. That picture is in the Who Am I link, then to click on the page "Family".


On Who I Am, there is a page of pictures taken on Belitung (Biliton), the Indonesian Island where Elsbeth was born. We have many friends on the Island.


My medical practice is in Mesa, AZ working in conjunction with the Banner Healthcare Network.

The experience of visiting in the School of Traditional Medicine in Lhasa and meeting with the Shamans in the Amazon have opened my eyes to the realities, values and talents of alternative medicines and treatments.

I had my Achilles tendonitis "cured" by a witch doctor on Bali.