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We are an out-patient practice. In our office we diagnose and treat illnesses to the extent of our training.
In order to provide the best care possible, we have selected specialists who we feel are the best available and those are the specialists to whom we refer. This includes the specialists who care for our patients when they are admitted to the hospital. This has become a very complicated part of medicine and we are pleased to hand our patients to highly competent "Hospitalists".

We do not own a laboratory or an Xray, we feel that when a doctor refers his patients to his own laboraory or Xray, there is the temptation to over-use the service.

It is our goal to evalute patient problems, find the potentially serious diagnoses and treat them early.

We are firm believers in Preventive Medicine.

We treat a full range of conditions, and we are proud that we can treat patients at the Family Practice level with skill and caring.

The value of the Family Practitioner is to know when he/she had reached the edge of their knowledge and when it is time to seek help from people who limit their practices to a specific area.

We prefer to sit down with our patients and discuss their concerns, rather than trying to practice "telephone" medicine.

We do our best to see sick people on the day they are ill.

To accomplish this, we've done some creative scheduling.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment please e-mail us at:

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