Allied Family Care

Crisis in Family Medicine
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Our Providers

Our providers are:
Kathyrn Hineline, FNP
William McCabe, MD, ABFP
Susan Sandman/Uy, MD, ABFP
Thomas Tsai, MD ABFP
I'm trying to get Susan and Kathyrn to sit still for pictures.

William McCabe, MD, ABFP

Don't I look proud in this one?
Doctors McCabe and Sandman/Uy

Thomas Tsai, MD, ABFP

Our practice is in transistion. My former friends and associates (yes, both) are Dr.s Tan, Rao, Tripp, Embry, Deadrick. Nurse practitioners have been Vovakis, Smith, Bolick and Mohn,  and last but not least, Sikorski PAC.
Now we are:  Dr. Sandman-Uy, Dr. Tsai, FNP Kathryn Hineline and myself.
Medicine is in it's own transition, with Family Practices folding all over Arizona, 8 practices have folded in Mesa alone in the past few years. Medicare has reduced our compensation by 20% in 5 years, while costs of employees has naturally and rightfully risen, along with our own insurance, both malpractice and health.
Family practice is in danger, we have had to ally ourselves with a large healthcare provider, Banner Healthcare, as have practices all over the found it necessary to do.
Banner is good to us, with benefits we never had been able to have before. We have now become much more stable and look forward to a long and beneficial life to this practice.
I'll add pictures of the newest staff when they will sit still for a portrait.