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The Phoenix area attracts lots of folks.
April 17th we had a mini-reunion here, Phil Hubbart, Emery Schomer and Dick Jennings (  with wives) came for dinner to my condo for a get-together.
Pat Kretsch was here in March and we had a nice visit.
Bill Bowes from the class of '55 and his wife Bev [ Collins] '56 (Jim's sister) were here and we had a great meal and visit.
A couple of girls from '56 were here, too and it was lots of fun. So much fun that I married one 4/7/06.
Nice visits were from Phil Hubbart , Ray Nolin and Dick Jennings (Dick actually has built a home here with his wife Sandy '56). Phil is due again in April.
I went out to Sacramento to see Bill Allred and we had a super week-end while I got to hear his wonderful band. Anyone who hasn't heard his work really should. I am in awe of the quality of his muscians. (That's his "St Louis Blues" in the background).  Bill has a concert scheduled in the area in September.
I missed Daryl Townsend who was here briefly but his schedule was full. Too bad, he missed some great steaks I cook on the grill with an Indonesian marinade. Phil and Dick will attest to that.
Del Moore was in the neighborhood, but we didn't hook up, though I think he's coming to my reception later in May 2006.
Rock Island-West is closed for business, I've come back to the QC.

4-17-05 Get together at my place
Martha and Phil Hubbart, Sandy Jennings, Kathi and Emery Schomer, Bill McCabe

Kathy listening to Emery telling his stories.

Martha and Phil, kicking back and listening to Emery

Pat Kretsch and I enjoyed lunch in Mesa

And... No, I don't always wear the same shirt, but I have a lot of these white polos.

I went to Sacramento to listen to Bill's band
Who is the guy with Bill?

Dick Jennings visits 5/25/04
Nice night with Dick and Sandy (Vehmeier)

Ray Nolin visited (along with some Moliners)

Phil Hubbart's visit to Scottsdale 3/14/2004
It was fun rummaging through 53 and 54 Watchtowers