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Her six week check up was great! She can do anything which doesn't hurt. She needs to build up her muscles which have withered up.
She was liberated! She was petrified that she'd dislocate her hip but that fear is now gone and she is going like crazy.

   The surgery on her hip was 10/1/02 and was a success. She came home Friday, 10/4 and is puttering around the house with a walker. She will have to use it about 3 weeks, though the way she was last night I doubt she'll be totally compliant.
   The pain is still bad and I have to coax her to take her pain pills, then she only take 1/2 the maximum dose.

The surgery was a huge success, he was able to get her leg length back to normal, though in doing so he had to literally tear some of the adhesions inside the shortened muscles. The tearing caused her to have a greater-than-normal amount of post operative pain, but in a week she had refused narcotics and is on a minor pain medicine.
She is walking around the house without canes or walker.
She wants, and will have, her final stage of surgery on 10/1/02, again at the Mayo Clinic Hospital.

August 5,2002.  Surgery today at Mayo Hospital.

On Jan. 11, 2002, Elsbeth and I came home from playing tennis. She took a nap and awoke with pain in her left groin, saying she must have pulled a muscle.
After limping for a week we got an Xray which was normal.
Over the next two months she tried to play tennis, go to work and keep the chores but just couldn't, the pain was worse and worse.
A CT scan in March showed total destruction of the joint, presumably by an infection.  The joint was aspirated and a bone biopsy was done but no diagnosis was made.
A surgery to open the joint and scrape out the dead bone was done and they found micro abcesses and pus cells inside the bone.
She had 12 days in the hospital and 10 weeks of IV antibiotics at home and the tests for infection (sed rate) started to come down.
Her doctor in Mesa referred her to Mayo Clinic, here in Scottsdale. Dr. Beauchamp.
Monday, August 5 she will have a temporary hip replacement made of acrylic which is impregnated with three antibiotics: ancef, vancomycin and tobramycin.  This will be leeched out over the next three months to make absolutely certain the infection is all gone.  To put a metal hip into an infection is a disaster.
I'll let you all know how things go.