RIHS '56

Deceased Classmates
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"...No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, part of the main.  If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were.  Any man's death diminishes me, because I am invoved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee..."  John Donne, 1642

Updated 8/12/13

List of Deceased members

    Name                                Year of Death

    Gerald Adams                              2012

    Robert Albery                              1984

    Terence Aldrich                            ?

    George Alongi                              2002

    Carl (Tom) Anderson                      2011

    Eugene Balliu                               2001

    Bonita Barnett Williams                    2010

    James Behrens                            2012

    Fred Benson                                1994

    Marvin Bergwall                            1999

    John Bladel                                 2007

    Jerald Bledsoe                             2004

    Darline Boysen Friday                     2006

    Robert Brooks                              2003?

    David Bryant                                1979

    Carol Butler Shoppa                       2010

    Robert Butler                               2003

    Estelle Campos Perez                     2012

    Wesley Cantrall                            2012

    Peter Carlson                               2011

    Jo Carruthers Chambers                  2009

    Alan Clay                                    1956

    Ronald Cole                                 1956

    Bruce Collins                               2011

    Larry Cross                                 1997

    Robert DePaepe                            1992

    David Dittman                               2003

    James Dolleslager                         ?

    Claude Drovesky                           1998

    Sylvia Dunn Clark                          2006

    Kenneth Durkee                            1995

    Hilliard Edgerson                           2012

    Jay Ellis                                      1998

    Marvin Engels                              2009

    Rex Fitz                                     2005

    Barton Ford                                 1999

    Richard Free                                2012

    Fred Fuller                                  2009

    Sandra Glasgow Schmacht              1997

    William (Pete) Gosney, Jr.                2008

    Kay Grems Engelman                     1996

    Bonnie Grove Rodriguez                  2011

    Ethel Harrington Boguess                 2003

    Terry Hart                                   1997

    Barbara Henderson Elliott                 ?

    Gerald Hockenberry                       2011

    Mary Hofmann Dawson                   2000

    Herbert Huff                                2003

    Judith Ingold Anderson                    2006

    Terence Johnson                          2011

    Florence Lamb Swope                    2000

    Donald Lawson                            2013

    Richard Leftwich                          2007

    Jean Lundy Hillyer                         2010

    Florence (Serena) Lutz Burkholder     2005

    Helen Lyons Benningfield                 2012

    Viola McCracken Dobbins                1994

    Donna McGinnis Carlson                  ?

    Nancyann McIver Waller                  2001

    Richard Michalek                           ?

    David Miles                                  2002

    Nancy Miner Martin                        2011

    Robert Moran                               1999

    Jeffrey (W.J.) Mueller                     1989

    Patricia Murphy Gower                   2008

    Arthur Nash                                2004

    Marilyn Nelson Weaver                   2007

    Richard Nelson                             ?

    Herbert Niemann                           2012

    Richard (Dean) Palmer                    2005

    Ronald Partlow                             2009

    Wayne Pealstrom                          1995

    Harland Reynolds                          1988

    Chester Romanowski                     1956

    Arthur Romans                             1999

    Mary Ann Roth Miller                      2008

    JoAnn Rumler Jennings                   2011

    Henry Schomer                            2008

    Barry Settle                                 2003

    Harold Seuss                               2005

    Richard Shonts                             2011

    Betty Smith Anders                        1996

    Dick Henry Smith                           1957?

    Richard Smith                               2010

    Nancy Snyder                              2008

    George Solomon                           1992

    David Stone                                 1997

    Janet Strayer Carothers                  2004

    Beverly Streeter                           1961

    Lewis Strickland                           1978?

    Sharon Stromer Seehase                 2012

    Audrey Stropes                            2011

    Sandra Swanson Zentic                  2004

    Nina Taylor Rumler                         2007

    Caroline Teuscher Bartling               2006

    James Thomas                             2008

    Janet Wakeland Nelson                   1993

    Sheldon Weiner                            1994

    Suzanne Whitmore Palmer                2001

    Maynard Wild                               1996

    James Willett                                2009

    Gary Wilson                                1991?

    Janet Wisehart                             1981

        Total                         103

Please help us find…


  "Lost" Members       If you know the whereabouts any of these classmates or if you          know someone who might know, please call Hugh Kuehl (309.788.0214) or email rihs56@juno.com.

  Name                                                           Last Living In

  Deanne Anderson                                              

  Anita Anderson                                                 

  Patricia Bebber                                                 

  Donald Brown                                                  

  Nadine Butler Jones                                             Riverdale,  GA

  Geraldine Chappell                                             

  Arlene Delugish Schwartz                                     La Mesa,  CA

  Gloria Garrett                                                   

  Shirley Goldstein                                               

  Phyllis Hora Tucker                                             

  Virginia Jeffries                                                 

  Marjorie Lannoo Powell                                         Rock Island,  IL

  Ruth Levy                                                        Memphis,  TN

  Adrienne Love Batsford                                        Aurora,  IL

  Virginia Mart Anderson                                         St. Paul,  MN

  Roberta Means                                                 

  Donald Meeks                                                   

  Shirley Moore Tappendorf                                     Pleasant Valley,  IA

  Hazel Moore                                                     

  Robert Nelson                                                    Belleville,  IL

  Carol Nicholls Wilcox                                            Rock Island,  IL

  Donna Nichols                                                  

  Joyce Nightingale Ezell                                         Herrin,  IL

  Robert Nusbaum                                                 Milan,  IL

  Sally Pannell Bleyaert                                           Milan,  IL

  Jeanne Paquette                                                

  Glenda Parks Schweitzerk                                    

  Harry Reeves                                                    Davenport,  IA

  Gilbert Rose                                                      Rock Island,  IL

  Karen Rummels Tibbs                                           Omaha,  NE

  Harvey Scharar                                                 Rock Island,  IL

  Lawrence Scott                                                 Hamilton,  NY

  Frances Sears                                                   Naperville,  IL

  Rella Shifrin Barowski                                         

  James Sipes                                                    

  Jack Stark                                                        Milan,  IL

  Marylee Thomas Wilson                                        Fountain Valley,  CA

  William Warzinski                                                Beaverton,  OR

     Total                                          38