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Emails from Classmates
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From Art Barbier,

LAST MINUTE GREETINGS----Hello Bill and fellow Classmates, Circumstances have not allowed me to attend this wkend for the 50th ReUnion-----however I will be there for the 51st or 55th when that Happens. It would be a pleasure to visit with all of you. Bill, your efforts and organizing skills are much appreciated. I enjoyed reading the e-mails and viewing the pictures . My 'elective' aortic valve replacement for old age stenosis last Feb. has been successful and I thank some Iowa porcine friends for the tissue. For a plump 76 yr old I function well---still motorcycling altho the distances are less. Best Regards to you and the entire Class of 1962 Creighton U Med School and . Anyone 's visit to LaCrosse , WI ( located directly on I-90 at the WI/MN border) and our beautiful Shrine would be most welcome. Wishing everyone happiness, well-being, and God's blessing, Sincerely , Art Barbier ps. www.guadalupeshrine.org I will give you a personal tour as I function as tour guide, cart driver, lector, among other asssignments.

Mayle, Cariani, Boccioco, Castellino, Magassy

Bill,   Again thanks for your efforts------------the pictures and e-mails are enjoyable.  We are scheduled to leave for a amily  visit to France  on 19 Sept 2012 so we hope the  reunion  is earlier in Sept.   I retired early at age 64  to pursue a  vocation in teaching/mentoring  at the high school level .   Health sciences and Religious education are  my concentrated areas as I am a Catechist in formation---still taking formal classes while teaching. Also I still enjoy motorcycling---the long trips are now "shorter".   Best regards to everyone.   Art Barbier

Hi Bill,

Great to hear from you. I will make every effort to attend the reunion

in Sep. We are expecting our 4th grandchild around then.

It is amazing how the Good Lord works with us. I began my medical

career in Viet Nam and now I am finishing it up here in VN.


I am spending time with the Neurosurgery Service at the Da Nang

Hospital. It is a public hospital of around 1400 beds. They average

150 patients on the NS Service. There is a lot of traffic accident

trauma, Motorbikes are the mode of travel and traffic is chaotic to

say the least.


The patient records are paper but there is a plan to computerize the

entire VN health System within the next 5 years. The Docs are very

competent and compassionate. I advise them on individual patients,

give lectures (Power Point), and assist with some procedures.


I have been battling a URI for the past 5 days and that has kept me

off of the Service. I hope to be back in the next day or two. It is a

great privilege for me to be here and help where I can.


Thanks for the contact Bill; I look forward to see you and others of

our Class in Sep.



I am retired Aug 1 2007 enjoying playing golf and living in the Napa Valley


Don Angotti




Thanks for your efforts. John ( I still work 23 days a week. ) Chard




I am still medical director of the county health department.


Terry Collins



Bill, I have Denny McDonald’s e-mail as noted below from a year ago. Dennis.McDonnell2@va.gov  I am still working because my wife doesn’t want me at home.  Just kidding but I still enjoy working and plan to keep working until I no longer enjoy it. I plan to go to the 50th.  Thanks for keeping us in touch. Terry



we are getting   your mail. Thanks so much.

I am halfway retired. I have two medical adminstrative jobs--no paient contact. I also volunteer full time at our local Catholic high school during the school year.


Pat McGreevy




              I have been getting your e-mails,and thank you for keeping in touch. My communication skills are not that great and thus the sparce replys. We continue to lead a good life here in Oregon, and much of our time is spent with kids and grandkids.


              Got back to Omaha in July to see my brother, retired in Bellevue. Also got to go to my 55 high school  reunion in Fremont, What a kick that was.  Creighton  continues to change  and they seem to be doing a great job. Am looking forward to John  M.'s new book ,but have not recieved it yet.  Looking forward to our next reunion.  Keep up the good work.



                                                                                                                   Tom  Muller




Rec'd the message--I do not have any others--Dan O'Connell is sill in AK but I do not know where.  I am still working.






Hi, Bill!  I don't particularly care if you put my e-mail address out there.


As far as "working" goes, I use my license to do laser removal of tattoos from ex-gang members in San Jose, CA. as a volunteer.


Looking forward to the 50th!






Dear Bill,


I have just heard from Elise Frederick at Mission Doctors Association that you are trying to get in touch with me.  I did change my email address a few years ago, and it is now:  zim.stoten@gmail.com


We finally felt that we should "really retire" and left Zimbabwe on July 4th, 2009 -- which was a "completion of the circle" since we arrived in Rhodesia opn July 4th, 1970.  Now we live in the Tampa, Florida area with our youngest son Tim and his family (wife Sara and three children, ages 7, 5, and 2 1/2).  We will be building an "In-Law" attachment so that we will have our own place, but still attached to the main house, so that we will be "involved" with them for the rest of our lives.  I tell Tim that we are helping them now (they own a house in Maine which of course is not selling) but that as time goes along they will have to help us, and maybe WE are getting the best deal!


It is difficult for me to be "retired."  Going from "in charge" of a 150 bed hospital with  busy out-patient and HIV treatment center to being Grandfather and gardener takes a bit of getting used to, but I am making progress.  I went back for a month in July, and will go again for three weeks in August, 2011.  I will probably do that for the next few years -- as long as I can put up with the travel and jet-lag.


If you would like to talk with me, our home number is:  813-704-5239; cell is 312-213-1078.


God Bless,


Dick and Loretta


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