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Send me a 10-20 line synopsis of your last 40 years.

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In the late 70s I was still running marathons, I went to a meeting of docs prior to the run and there was Dan O'Connell, full red beard and all.  I said, "You always said you would be going to Alaska to work with the Eskimos, what are you doing now?"  "Exactly that." was his answer.

Don Cariani


Thanks for the fine work your doing keeping  the class of '62 posted as to what everyone is doing and preparing for the September reunion.


I retired officially in 1991 from our 10 person ob-gyn office in Los Gatos, and have done mortgage banking work since then.  However not willing to give up the speculum entirely, I have worked on and off as a pool physician at Kaiser Hospital (Santa Teresa) for the past 13 years. 


Plenty of time off to cast the dry fly but still busy enough to feel that I am still contributing. I am presently running the Mammography Outreach program there 3 afternoons a week, but plan on quitting permanently on 14 June and head to Tahoe where we have had a cabin at Rubicon Bay for 30 years. 


Nancy and I do enjoy our many friends there in this very family oriented community with it's beauty which affords us  hiking, boating, fly-fishing, bocce ball, and camaraderie, which we all know is so very important.


Regarding the re-union, we unfortunately will not be able to attend as we're leaving on 11 September with 5 other couples on a Gulet charter along the Croatian Coast, followed by a week in Sicily.  Being a proud Northern Italian(Genoa),I hope my parents who just died, at 99 and 98 forgive me for visiting "down there",or as they called it Bas Italia. 


While attending a mission on the 12 Steps to Spirituality at St. Mary's in Los Gatos yesterday, we saw Tony and Olga Nespole, who also will be traveling at the time of the re-union. They will be in China


I truly am sorry, but with frequent flier needs of booking way in advance and usually planning a spring and fall trip each year far ahead, I didn't leave room for Creighton '07.  I would like to think that this can all happen again in 2012 and our e-mail address book will be just as full with our classmates as it is now. 


God Bless.  


Don Cariani   

Here's an exciting bio from Dick Stoughton. I told him I admire his work and secretly envy what he's doing. This is the reason most of us became doctors.
Dear Bill and all that this was addressed to,
Since I have the email list of all of you, thought that I would bring you all "up to date" on what we are doing. 
After retiring from my practice in Shawano, Wisconsin in August 2001, we then decided to return "in retirement" back to Zimbabwe.  We had spent 5 1/2 years here at a Mission Hospital in the early 1970's, and now have been at a different one since Oct 2001.  It is indeed rewarding, although very busy at times.  Just yesterday I sent an email to our children about "my day as a nearly 70 yr old doc in Zimbabwe", and have included a copy of it below.
"Dear All,
I just thought I would tell you how my day went, and thought that "it was not bad for someone nearly 70!"
We started the day as usual by getting up at 5:00, having morning prayer, and then to Mass at the mission.  Then breakfast, and I was at the hospital by 7:20.  I was just changing a dressing on a boy who had a severe abscess on the right eye and forehead, when a man brought in his 10 yr nephew with a severely cut tongue.  He was running and fell and nearly bit his tongue off!  Enough of running with your tongue sticking out.  I fixed that, and then made "problem rounds" on the Men's ward, Peds, and OB (Dr. Murungu is gone for two days), and then full rounds on the Women's ward.  There was a woman there with lots of fluid in her right chest (from TB), and so I had to drain that.
Then saw a few out-patients, and then we had "business tea" -- where we try to sort out problems and make some plans.  That usually lasts over an hour, but fortunately took only 45 minutes today.
Then I started to see the out-patients, and during that time had to do a lymph node biopsy on a woman with suspected TB.  Also had lots of interruptions about "end of month reports", pharmacy reports, etc., etc.
Home for lunch and a 30 minute nap from 1:00 to 2:00, and then back at it.  Continued with out-patients, but a young lady came in with an incomplete miscarriage, so had to do a D&C.  Back to the out-patients, and at 4:00 was called to OB for a problem.  A lady with a distressed baby, so had to do an emergency C-section.  That went fine, and a nice 6 pound boy.  I got home at 5:00, and decided my decision of no beer for Lent could be put on hold for one day, and so Mom and I had beer with a lime in it, plus some canned salmon (from the Hake's) and crackers.  Now we have no lights, so maybe that was our supper!
Of course, I am on call, so really hope it is quiet tonight.  I have been trying to run three times per week, and have been doing pretty well with it, but I sweated so much during the C-section that I though it must have been the same as running at least a mile, so will wait until tomorrow.  Also, I seem to have pulled a groin muscle/ligament, so maybe will have to just do some walking."
If you would be interested in reading about what our life is like and what we do, you can go on line to:  www.MissionDoctors.org  We would love to hear from you if you would like to email us at this email address:  domhama@mweb.co.zw 
God Bless,
Dick and Loretta Stoughton
St. Theresa Hospital
P. O. Box 15
Charandura, Zimbabwe
(Please note our new address)

Denny McDonnell
Hi Bill
You are coming in loud and strong. It is great to hear from you. It is exciting news to hear that you are returning to your home town, and are continuing to work. I am also having a hard time "hanging it up".
I retired for the 2nd time on 3/31/06. However I am not ready to leave neurosurgery completely. I spent 6 weeks at the Korle Bu Hospital in Accra Ghana working with the NS residents there. It was a great experience. I have made several new friends because of it.
I have been doing some locum tenens work in Nebraska and North Dakota. I plan to continue to do that in order to maintain my skills. Tentative plans are to start working with residents again at the VA Hospital in Little Rock AR in July, so eventually I will retire a 3rd time.
I am staying active and am in excellent health. I work out 3 or 4 days a week. I am still current in NS and will be delivering talks at the next 2 national meetings. I also instruct at a surgical workshop in Bethesda MD every year. This is the 19th year coming up.
We have 3 adult children & families in Georgia & North Carolina, So we will be a little closer in Arkansas. We will miss being close to Iowa though, which my wife Jeannie and I will always consider home.
Thanks for your e-mail Bill.
My best wishes to you and your family.

The last 40 years???In one breath??Spent the first 27 of the last 40 in the USAF doing a Peds residency 66-68, and an adolescent medicine fellowship 75-77. Stationed in Tucson Ariz., Seattle Wa., Seville and Madrid Spain and Travis  AFB CA. Retired Sept. 85. and continued to live in Vacaville CA. Began work at Student Health Center Univ. of CA at Davis CA and am still there.Now working 3 day week and will punch out Dec. 03.Intertwined with all of this 4 children, 5 1/3 grandchildren, a lot of traveling, built a house in the country(still building), doing much of the work ourselves. Year around Veg garden and orchard. Future travel will be 2nd grandchildren trip(the first was to Borneo), this will be to Africa.( with the next 2 in line) and who knows where the others will take us! For us we want to see Japan, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Favorite journey thus far was to China on a research expedition with Earthwatch to the Gobi desert and then travel on our own to western China(Yunan province).Recent tango lessons may force a trip to Argentina...Regards, Marty and JoAnn Joye

Don Angotti:    Married to LaVerne for 42 years.  Four children..three boys, and a girl,  3 married.  4 grandchildren.  Still practicing general and vascular surgery, but getting very tired.  Living in Oakland Ca. but practicing in Vallejo, since 1995.  Practiced in Oakland but changed due to HMO circumstances.  Also to be closer to condominium in Napa ( Silverado Country Club). Call if ever in the area!!!!

Vince Carollo,M.D. married to Sandy and we reside in Upland, California and have done so since 1969. We have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Two of our sons attended Creighton undergraduate school and one graduated from Creighton Law School and the other from Creighton Medical School. I practiced Internal Medicine in Upland, California for 30 years and retired September,1999. My days are now enjoyed playing golf and traveling. I saw Ron Castellino and John Manesis this past winter in Palm Springs at a Creighton function and both were doing well.

Bernard N. "Bernie" Harris, M.D.
502 - 21st Street
Santa Monica, CA 90402
(310) 393-1758

Married to Devera since 1955. Three grown sons-
   Larry, married to Abby, one son, Naftali, age 10, and three daughters, Naomi, age 8,  Shifrah, age 6 and Tirtzah, age 3.
   Steven, divorced, two sons, Joey, age 18 and Danny, age 16, both with learning disorders.
   David, married to Debby, pregnant, due in January, 2003.

I retired from the private practice of Anesthesiology in 1997, having worked mostly in Southern California since finishing my residency in 1965.  I am now involved in many voluntary and social organizations and in a number of aviation-oriented clubs and activities.  I started flying privately in 1970, and flying my single-engine Cessna Cardinal RG has been a big part of my life for the last 25 years.  I recently  completed a 91 day flight solo around the continental 49 states plus British Columbia, in which I visited family, friends, particular sights and state capitols, spending at least one night in each  state.  I was also an ambassador for Angel Flight and The Emergency Volunteer Air Corps on these flights, spreading the word around the country about these two voluntary flying organizations.  I have also flown both ways across the North Atlantic to as far as Rome and back with a friend in his twin-engine Cessna back in
1997.  And I also survived a mid-air collision in 1972 when I got blindsided while taking instrument instruction (my vision was restricted to the instrument panel and the other aircraft was found to be 100% responsible for the accident by the investigators).
   My wife and I like to travel, and I like to build airplane
models and do handiwork around the house and cars and plane when I can find the time to do so.  The car I usually drive now is my 1965 Plymouth Valiant convertible that I've had since new.  (I donated my Towncar to charity last year.)  I still have a replica of a 1927 Bugatti Model 35B sportsracer that I built from scratch as a show car with the help of a friend back in 1982, and occasionally drive it to shows or in parades or take it out for a Sunday spin.  I also spend a fair amount of time at the computer and very little time in front of the TV.  Now if only someone can find me a few more hours in the day to do all the things I want to do, that's about all that could make me happier now.


Martin D. Haykin born Nov. 19, 1928 married Doris Levenson on August 28, 1949Doris was born Aug. 3, 1928 and died of ovarian cancer Feb. 25, 1985.  We had five children and we used to joke that they  were all born betrween final exams and national boards.  Steve has three children, the oldest, Nathalie, 20, is here in Seattle going to Seattle U as a sophomore pre-med. Steve, his wife, and two younger children live in Antananarivo, Madagascar where he is the head to the USAID Mission and has been sitting in for the ambassador who is on extended family leave.  Mike is an executive at a private school in Seattle and lives near me with his daughter, Rachael, now 10.  Jim lives in Portland with his family including 4 !/2 year old Eva and 8 year old Leah.  Rick Lives in Bellingham with his wife and Jennifer lives in Seattle with her husband John Lombard.


I continue to practive psychiatry and have had offices at Suite 1020 The Cabrini Medical Tower, 901 Boren Ave., Seattle, WA 98104.  Home is 9304 Mercerwood Dr. Mercer Island, WA 98040.  We moved to the Island from Omaha right after medical school and I have enjoyed a rewarding career doing what I set out to do.  After our daughter started school, Doris went back to graduate school and became a therapist.  We had the pleasure of working together for many years before she became ill.  We traveled extensively and for a couple of years were on the lecture circuit before we decided it would be more fun just to vacation on our junkets.


During my career I was medical director at two different Community Mental Health Centers, Director of Psychiatry at Cabrini Hospital, and was active from 60-the early 80s teaching and supervising group therapists.  I also held an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science.  Now I practive 4 days a week.



EDITOR: I was lucky enough to visit Marty and Doris in the late '70's. I've never seen two people more devoted to each other. I watched him teaching transactional anaylsis to professional psychologists. I was very impressed. Bill



Married to Frances Kay Magassy since 1967

Business: Owner of Plastic Surgery Associates,  P.C.

The Magassy Building

1300 Chain Bridge Rd.

McLean, Virginia 22101

PH: 703 790-5454



We have twin boys, Matt & Steve age 29, Daughter, MIchelle 26.

I am still a hyperactive nut for my age - avid skier, (including helisking  in Canada),  as a pilot I see patients for followups all over the Eastern U.S.), equestrian :(compete in hunter horse show competitions from Vermont to Florida), biker, tennis player, hunter (mostly gun and elk in Colorado), & exercise enthusiast!


I have participated in the 3 phases of many sprint triathalons in Florida for charity and came in 3rd for my age.  


I have had my own office surgery center since I've been in practice, 36 years. I always try to keep active and busy, no down time!!!!  

EDITOR: I visited Csaba when he was single, a flight surgeon to the Thunderbirds, living in Las Vega very near the strip. He was single and young and popular,  it was a dream.
    Then, years later, he visited my ex and me in Iowa and he brought his lovely wife. If I'd known he played tennis we'd have gotten it on.   Bill

John and Bess have lived in Fargo, N.D. since 1974 and spend winter months in  Sun City, Palm
                           Desert, Ca.  
                           graduated from St. Joe's Nursing School
                           in  1960 and North Dakota
                           State with an English degree in 1992.  
 John retired  from radiology practice in 1996 and writes poetry. 
                           His first book of poems, With All My Breath, will be published by Cosmos Publishing Company in 2003.  
 John and Bess have four grown children.
The Ailing Poem
                           The poem was overwhelmed
                           by all my trusted therapies,
                           weighted down with attention
                           and unnecessary medication,
                           never allowed to free itself
                           of its restraints, to rise
                           on its own from the sickbed,
                           perhaps to even levitate.
                           And in the end,
                           or was it the beginning,
                           I could not bring myself 
                           to bury the ailing poem.
                           I salvaged a phrase or two,
                           set flame to what remained
                           and fanned the fire
                           with all my breath.


Bill McCabe,
Interned Wright Patterson AFB, 2 years in Brindisi, Italy. One year in Hill AFB Utah doing straight OB. Davenport, Iowa till 1984 when, fresh from a remarriage #2,  I went to Arizona. 
 I've traveled to everywhere the discovery channel goes and have the pictures accessible from my website: www.billmccabe.com .  I've run 16 marathons (Boston twice and the Footsteps of Phedippedes in Greece). Our fat old farts team has won the Nationals Tennis Championships in Indian Wells, beating the Australians two years ago.
I divorced #2 in 2004, reunited with my high school sweetheart Karen (widowed) and married her in 2006. I'm going home to the Quad Cities in March 2007, will so some part time in the ER there.

Tony Nespole


After graduating from Creighton, I had two years of an Internal Medicine residency, leaving it to join the U.S. Air Force before being drafted.  I spent two years at Eglin AFB in Florida practicing as a pediatrician since the base did not need another Internist.  Following my service stint, I had a Pediatric residency at St. Christophers Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.


After residency, in 1968, I took a position as a staff Pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara, CA. With additional training at Stanford, I took on the mantle of neonatologist and became Director of the Intensive Care Nursery at the Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara.  Two years later, I left that position to start a new Kaiser Permanente facility in San Jose, CA.  I was Assistant Physician in Chief of a 175 physician medical group and Assistant Chief of Staff of a 220-bed hospital for over 15 years at which time I returned to the practice of pediatrics for the last 5 years of my 30 year career with Kaiser Permanente.


Following retirement, I then took a position as Chief Medical Officer for the Federal Quality Improvement Organization (previously the PRO-Peer Review Organization) overseeing the medical care for the Medicare beneficiaries of California.  I retired from that position in October of 2002 and am now fully retired.


I have been married for over 42 years to my lovely wife, Olga, and we have 4 beautiful daughters and 10 grandchildren.  We live in a suburb of San Jose, CA, about 1 hour south of San Francisco. 

Peter Sollaccio
NAME                Peter Sollaccio
ADDRESS             10 Heritage Lane
                    Scotch Plains, N.J. 07076
PHONE #             908-322-3399
E-Mail ADDRESS      Soll1997@cs.com
FAX                 908-322-7264

Sorry I missed the 40th reunion. See you at the 45th !