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McCabe brothers circa 1890

William Clinton McCabe        www.billmccabe.com




I am the only son of an only son, but my grand father had one full brother and 3 half-brothers.



Thomas McCabe,            11/6/1842  --- 1/23/1911

                   Born in Enniskillen, Ireland

                   (His brother, John, emigrated and lived in Philadelphia  Married Mary ; then had at least one son, Thomas Faulkner McCabe)


          Married       Annie E. Spear  11/6/1865Rock Island County, IL


                   They settled in Iowa, near Tipton, in Red Oak township, Cedar County.


                   They had two sons:

                             William George McCabe

                                  Born in Philadelphia 


                             Thomas McCabe,

                               Name changed to Mack Rodgers

                               After being adopted.

                                        Born 1/14/1869

                        Annie in Iowa, buried near Tipton

died 1/14/1869 giving birth to second child who survived and was raised by Annie's parents, he resented not being with his father and became alienated. Years later he was met by a niece (Jo McCabe-Gerard) in San Diego. He went by "Mac" and was not interested in any of the other McCabes.

          Then Married

Josephine Peasley  10/10/1870

in Scott County, IA

                             James                   1871

                             Joseph                  1872

                             Elizabeth               1874

                             Charles                 1876

                             Margaret               1878


William G McCabe

          Born 8/16/1866, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

          Died 4/11/1932

          Married Mary Garey in Tipton, Iowa


                   Olive                               1896

                   Helen                              1898

                   Allen                               1904 My Dad

                   Marian                            1905

                   Katherine                       After 1910


Allen Garey McCabe

Married  Eleanor Evelyn Fifield

          Mary Ellen            5/9/34

          William Clinton     10/17/36

          Kathleen Allyn      4/19/51


William Clinton McCabe

Married Marjorie Ann Haut, 1960

                             Lisa Ann               4/1/61—Marty Jordan

                                      Ryan, Alyssa, Anna

                             Sean Lucas           2/5/64 –Lisa


          Married Elsbeth Bertha Genzel, 1981 (no children together)

          Married Karen Jean Kane, 2004  (no children together)