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I believe:

Bill McCabe..

I believe that when God makes a human being, He reaches into one jar and takes a soul and into another jar and takes a space suit to carry that soul.

I've never met anyone who, if God had asked, would have picked the space suit they got.

How can we despise someone because of their space suit? Color, shape, size... it just doesn't make sense.

Neil was a patient of mine. He was 50 and suffered from brain damage at birth. He had the typical cerebral palsy gait, slobbering, wandering of his eyes and had never spoken in his life.

The first visit, I was talking to his attendant when I noticed that Neil was listening to me.

I said, "You're IN there, aren't you?" He nodded.

I said, "You have to be the strongest soul I've ever met, you have kept your sanity while being trapped in there for all these years. A lesser soul would have gone crazy."

The next time they brought him in, he walked up to me and put his head on my shoulder. I cried.

My worst day is better than Neil's best day. He inspires me.

Neil died of pneumonia in Noverber of 1999. God speed, Neil, on being released.